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Caner Taslaman was born in Istanbul where he completed his elementary and high school educations. As the son of a mother who is a chemical engineer and a father who is a doctor, he always had deep enthusiasm in natural sciences from a very tender age. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Sociology Department of Bogazici University in Istanbul. During his undergraduate education he has also showed interest in fields like anthropology, sociology of religion, and sociology of knowledge. He later got his masters degree at the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department of Marmara University in Istanbul, with a thesis on the relationship between the Big Bang Theory, philosophy and theology. Following that, he got his doctorate in the same department with a thesis on the relationship between the Evolution Theory, philosophy and theology. He got Associate Professorship with his book on the relationship between Quantum Theory, philosophy,theology and Professorship with his work on science, philosophy and religion. He also earned a second PhD degree in Political Sciences Faculty of Istanbul University with his thesis on “Islam in Turkey During the Globalization Process”. He had post-doctorate studies first at Tokyo University and later at Oxford University. He also studied at Harvard University and Cambridge University as a visiting scholar. He currently serves as Professor of Philosophy at Yıldız Technical University.


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